In-Stat/MDR Announces Embedded Processor Forum 2004

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Scottsdale, Ariz. — In-Stat/MDR announces this year's Embedded Processor Forum 2004, to be held May 17 through 20 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, Calif.

Embedded Processor Forum is the professional's conference for embedded computing technology. Focused exclusively on the microprocessors and related hardware that are driving the embedded industry, the forum is the embedded world's most important venue for announcements of new processor chips and technologies. More than 15 new microprocessors, DSPs and related embedded technologies were launched at Embedded Processor Forum 2003's four-day program last June.

The Embedded Processor Forum 2004 program will include presentations by In-Stat/MDR's team of analysts and by companies announcing new high-performance microprocessor technologies. Presenting companies include: ACE Associated Computer Experts bv, Altera, AMD, ARC International, ARM, Broadcom, Cradle, Emblaze Semiconductor, MobilEye Vision Technologies, Motorola, PMC-Sierra, Centaur, Silicon Hive, Tensilica, Texas Instruments, Transitive, and Ultra Data.

For further information on this year's program, visit In-Stat/MDR's Embedded Processor Forum Web page at



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