Soldertec Global Announces Winners of Lead-free Solder Awards for 2003

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UK — Soldertec Global announces that three lead-free solder award winners have been selected in 2003 from the nominations received from industry.

As the July 2006 lead-free compliance deadline draws near, this year's award selections have been designed to reflect the need for clear dissemination of information between the component and materials suppliers and the electronics assembly industry. This year there is a Consortium Award, a Cooperation Award and a Service Award.

The winners are:

  • HDP Users Group, HDPUG; Brian Smith, Celestica; Vivek Gupta, Intel; Thilo Sack, Celestica; and others.
  • Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D., Indium Corp. of America; Edwin Bradley, Ph.D., Motorola; and Vahid Goudarzi, Ph.D., Motorola
  • Hector Steen, Ph.D., Henkel Technologies — Multicore

The HDP Users Group has been selected to receive a Lead-free Solder Consortium Award in recognition of the group's key accomplishment in resolving issues leading to supply chain readiness for the launch of lead-free products. In particular Soldertec acknowledges the work of Brian Smith for the "General Purpose Lead-free Assembly System" concept, Thilo Sack for his minimum peak temperature work, and Vivek Gupta for his work on component labeling.

The Lead-free Solder Cooperation Award recognizes the spirit of cooperation between materials supplier Indium Corp. of America and end user Motorola. Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.; Edwin Bradley, Ph.D.; and Vahid Goudarzi, Ph.D. have developed a robust lead-free assembly process that has been unveiled to the commercial world. Results from the many parts of the assembly process have been shared through the jointly developed Quickstart program.

The Lead-free Solder Service Award has been granted to Hector Steen, Ph.D., for his contribution to fundamental research and publications arising from collaborative lead-free projects over a 15-year period. The projects include 1991 UK DTI (alloy selection), European BRITE program, INNOLOT (high stress/temperature applications) and EPSRC program looking at lead-free flip chip assembly.

The Soldertec Global award was established in 1999 to mark the launch of the Tin Technology Lead-free Solder Long Service Award. This award has been granted to Kenichiro Suetsugu, Ph.D. of Panasonic, Japan in recognition of the successful introduction of lead-free soldering in mass production of the portable MiniDisc SJ-MJ30-S. Since 1999, recipients have included industrial consortiums, material suppliers and lead-free users from North America, Europe and Asia.

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