IPC, Soldetec Global to Address Hot Lead-free Topics

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Northbrook, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries will join Soldertec Global, a division of Tin Technology, to sponsor the International Conference on Lead-free Electronics, held June 21 through 23, 2004, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Through the co-sponsored "Second International Conference on Lead-free Electronics — Towards Implementation of the RHS Directive," IPC and Soldertec Global will assemble elite industry experts for a two-day technical conference and a variety of educational courses and workshops focused on helping these affected suppliers, assemblers and retailers prepare for the inevitable ban on lead.

Currently, IPC and Soldertec Global are seeking technical conference paper submissions covering the following topics:

  • European/Chinese/other legislation on hazardous materials and recycling
  • Legislative compliance, policy enforcement and product marking
  • Summary of voluntary implementation in other regions (America, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, etc.)
  • Company and research consortia projects and results
  • Design issues (for ease of production and disassembly)
  • PCB issues (effects of lead-free process temperatures, board finishes, etc.)
  • Component issues (effects of lead-free process temperatures, BGAs, obsolescence, etc.)
  • New finishes (plating technology, solderability and tin whiskering)
  • Comparisons of solder alloys (mainstream [e.g. SnAgCu, SnCu] and specialist [e.g. SnZnAl] compositions)
  • Alternative means of substitution (conductive adhesives, etc.)
  • Lead-free manufacturing (examples of implementation, process considerations, inspection, etc.)
  • Repair and rework (process control, mixed-alloy systems, etc.)
  • Reliability evaluations (research, product test and in-service, including new test methods)
  • Lead-free and other product sectors (automotive, aerospace, etc.)
  • Environmental considerations and studies (material availability, toxicity issues, etc.)
  • Recycling (examples, plans and concerns)
  • Business issues (supply chains, cost-benefit analysis, etc.)

The conference will offer 30- to 45-minute time slots for papers and presentations in both forum or panel discussion formats. A brief biography and an abstract, which should be approximately 200 to 300 words long, must be received by March 24, 2004. If an abstract is accepted, the deadline for paper submissions will be May 14, 2004.

Presentation materials and papers should be non-commercial in nature, focusing on technology rather than a company's product. To deliver an oral presentation, it is mandatory to provide a print-quality paper or hard copies of visuals for the conference proceedings. Previously published papers and papers focused on a company's products will not be accepted.

In addition, IPC and Soldertec Global are seeking proposals from those interested in teaching six-hour tutorials or three-hour workshops on relevant lead-free topics, such as reliability, process issues, rework, plating and surface finishes, design for lead-free, and design for recycling. A brief description on any such proposals should be submitted according to the aforementioned guidelines for abstract submissions. Companies also are invited to showcase their products and services. For more information, visit www.ipc.org/html/CFPLFAmsterdam.pdf.

Soldertec is a membership-based organization focusing on research into soldering technology, including lead-free issues. For more information, visit www.lead-free.org.

IPC is a trade association dedicated to the competitive excellence and financial success of its more than 2,400 member companies, which represent all facets of the electronic interconnection industry, including design, printed circuit board manufacturing and electronics assembly. For more information, visit www.ipc.org.



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