IPC Publishes Findings from Round Robin Test Program on Lead-free Solder

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Northbrook, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries and its Solder Products Value Council (SPVC) announce the release of a white paper report that summarizes a round robin test program on the assembly properties of three lead-free solder alloys.

The white paper report (IPC-SPVC-WP-006) is titled "Round Robin Testing and Analysis, Lead Free Alloys — Tin, Silver and Copper."

In its ongoing efforts to achieve a worldwide consensus on a standard alloy for the electronics industry, IPC's SPVC Lead-free Technical Committee completed analysis of round robin testing of three tin-silver-copper alloys, in the following percentages respectively: 96.5/ 3.0/ 0.5; 95.5/ 3.8/ 0.7; and 95.5/ 4.0/ 0.5.

Tests performed by IPC SPVC members included:

  • Melt characterization
  • Wetting balance responses
  • Solder spread

These tests determine assembly process parameters for the alloys and demonstrate the ability of the alloys to form intermetallic bonds (connections) between the substrate and the components of the assembly.

The Council previously announced that the next phase of their lead-free test program will be long-term interconnection reliability testing, including thermal shock and thermal cycling of the three lead-free alloys.

Members of the IPC Solder Products Value Council include AIM; Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials Group; Amtech Inc.; Avantec Performance Chemicals, Electronic Business Unit; EFD Inc.; Henkel Loctite; Indium Corp.; Kester Northrop Grumman; Koki Company Ltd.; Nihon Superior Co. Ltd.; P. Kay Metal Supply Inc.; Qualitek Group of Cos; Senju Metal Industry and Thai Solder Industry Corp.The 19-page white paper includes examples of statistical analysis, data analysis of the tests, data tables of testing participants and a reproduction of IPC test methods used.

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