Comparisons Made Between Mexico, China and Eastern Europe for Electronics Manufacturing by TFI

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Alameda, Calif. — According to new studies by Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI), electronics manufacturing companies have more choices than ever for low-cost manufacturing, yet also have the most pressure to choose the best-suited regions for manufacturing.

Insights on Mexico, China, and Eastern Europe's manufacturing costs, strengths, and weaknesses will be presented on September 9 at TFI's Quarterly Forum for Electronics Manufacturing Outsourcing and Supply Chain in Monterrey, Mexico.It will be held at Elcoteq Network Corp.'s Monterrey, Mexico, facility. Elcoteq--a Corporate Sponsor of the Quarterly Forum and the world's seventh largest electronics manufacturing services provider — specializes in design, manufacturing, new product introduction and after-sales service of communications technology products. It has facilities throughout the world including Europe, Mexico, China and the U.S.

The keynote presentation, "Manufacturing Communications Equipment in Mexico, Comparisons with China," will be delivered by Elcoteq's President of the Americas Douglas Brenner.

Also at the Quarterly Forum will be a panel discussion entitled "The Changing Landscape for Manufacturing in Mexico," comprising Mexican government, association, and business leaders. The panel will be led by Braulio Laveaga, Director General of CANIETI, which is the electronics industry chamber for Mexico. Panelists will discuss how Mexico is being repositioned to stay viable in the world's electronics manufacturing market, following a recent shift of a considerable amount of manufacturing from Mexico to China. For example, Mexico's automotive manufacturing sector is remaining strong — especially in the Monterrey and Guadalajara areas, and Mexico still is the optimal region for low-cost manufacturing of many larger and higher-mix products intended for the North American marketplace.

To round out the electronics manufacturing comparisons between Mexico, Chin, and Eastern Europe, TFI Senior Consultant Charlie Wade will present "The Contract Manufacturing Industry in Europe: Ascension of Eastern Europe and Roles of Multinational versus Indigenous Companies," based on his recent research interviews and facility tours in Eastern Europe.

Other presentations scheduled for the September 9 Quarterly Forum will cover topics ranging from forecasting practices to industrial electronics outsourcing trends. "Best Practices in Product Forecasting" will be based on TFI's benchmarking study comprising OEM and EMS forecasting challenges and solutions. This TFI study is managed by Niti Agrawal, recipient of a forecasting award while at Hewlett Packard. In "Growing Segments for Outsourcing in the Industrial Electronics Market," TFI's Senior Analyst Narith Yos will review TFI's study of unique challenges faced by industrial electronics OEMs in outsourcing, and the ways contract manufacturers are responding to these needs. "An Outsourcing Case Study" will be presented by TFI Senior Outsource Consultant Robert Wyckoff, who will interview executives at ATMI (a semiconductor equipment manufacturer) and Pemstar (contract manufacturer serving ATMI) about the outsourcing process led by TFI and a multifunctional team at ATMI.

A tour of Elcoteq's Monterrey Six Sigma facility and several networking events will provide Quarterly Forum members with further opportunities to explore and discuss various low-cost manufacturing options.

In addition to Elcoteq, other corporate sponsors of the Quarterly Forum are Agile Software and Parametric Technology Corp.

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