IPC Quells Flames of Halogen-free Issue

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Northbrook, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries announces its strong support for the use of today's halogen flame retardants in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and assemblies in its recently released IPC-WP/TR-584, IPC White Paper and Technical Report on Halogen-Free Materials Used for Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies.

The white paper and technical report provides a historical perspective and status of industrial, environmental and legislative programs. The 29-page document also presents information on cost, performance, product reliability, consumer safety and end-of-life issues of common and alternative flame retardants used in PCBs.

According to the report, which was developed over a period of three years by a team representing every level of the electronics supply chain, there simply was no relevant data that indicated the halogen flame retardants presently used in PCBs present any significant environmental or health hazard. Consequently, IPC now recognizes the term "halogen-free" as merely a marketing term and will not support a conversion from a known safe method of generating flame resistance for base materials until relevant data are presented that prove that the current flame retardants have a negative environmental impact and that the alternatives are better.IPC is a trade association dedicated to the competitive excellence and financial success of its more than 2,300 member companies, which represent all facets of the electronic interconnection industry, including design, printed circuit board manufacturing and electronics assembly. For more information, visit www.ipc.org.



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