JPSA Laser Announces Enhanced Contract Laser Micro-machining Services, Capabilities

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Hollis, N.H. — JPSA Laser announces new capabilities and enhancements to its expanding contract UV laser micromachining services for a variety of applications ranging from semiconductor processing to biomedical and blue LED wafer scribing and beyond.JPSA Laser's contract manufacturing facility now houses 10 state-of-the-art UV laser workstations. The applications laboratory is also equipped with a host of diagnostic equipment for laser process development and characterization. JPSA engineers have recently developed F2 laser, optics, calorimetry and beam delivery technology. This capablility allows JPSA to offer comprehensive testing of VUV optics and materials processing services at 157 nm. Most of the JPSA laser systems are equipped with state of the art air bearing motion stages to insure high precision and accuracy.JPSA Laser's core capabilities include expertise in UV materials processing at 355 nm, 351 nm, 308 nm, 266 nm, 248 nm, 193 nm and 157nm wavelengths; a fully equipped applications development laboratory staffed with Ph.D. laser scientists; and a contract manufacturing facility equipped with JPSA industrial excimer workstations available to meet customer needs from prototype to high volume production.Typical applications include micro-fluidics, LEDs, sensors, ink jets (nozzles, micro-screens, particle traps), chip scale packaging, device scale packaging, diffractive optics, wire stripping, optic wave guides, thin film devices, sensors, micro fluidics, MEMS, MOEMS, micro-dicing, biosensors (lab-on-a-chip), micro-vias, photo-ablation, photo-machining, micromachining of plastics, ceramics, hard dielectrics, glass and metals, non-destructive high-resolution marking, micro-lithography to 1 micron resolution, high speed drilling of micro-vias, selective material ablation, doping, annealing and more.JPSA Laser operates a high-performance UV laser job shop as well as a systems engineering and manufacturing business. For more information, visit



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