DEK Highlights PumpPrint Adhesive Deposition in New Web Site Section

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Zurich, Switzerland — DEK has added a new section to its Web site that consolidates information on the benefits of using PumpPrint process technology for high-speed adhesive deposition.

DEK's new Web site section includes detailed material on PumpPrint technology, as well as technical articles and case studies, with click-throughs to related areas such stencils, process support and customer support. Users may also register to access a detailed process information section.

PumpPrint technology is said to enable high-throughput adhesive deposition using a familiar, cost-effective screen printing platform. A broad range of adhesive patterns with different sizes of glue dots to hold a wide variety of part sizes can be produced in a single print cycle. New techniques, including ProFlow DirEKt Imaging, enhance the speed, repeatability and flexibility of PumpPrint deposition, enabling it to far outstrip the capabilities of current adhesive dispensers.

Information on the acrylic stencils used in PumpPrint deposition also is available on the DEK Web site. These stencils are now produced in North America, Europe and Asia, on a rapid turnaround and delivery schedule, in response to expanding customer needs. PumpPrint stencils may be generated using Gerber, HPGL, DXF and ODB++, or DEK can scan the pattern directly from a PCB.

As the world's leading provider of advanced pre-placement manufacturing solutions for electronics circuit board assembly and semiconductor packaging DEK offers PumpPrint and numerous other innovative deposition technologies for a wide range of electronic materials. For more information, visit



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