Tastitalia to Promote Duraswitch Technologies at INTERTRONIC

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Phoenix -- Duraswitch licensee of the year for Europe in 2002, Tastitalia S.p.A., plans for a major promotion of Duraswitch's state of the art technologies at INTERTRONIC 2003, held March 25 through 28 (Hall 7-2 of Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles).

Tastitalia is offering a cost-saving incentive for OEMs to convert to Duraswitch's electronic switch technologies by eliminating the tooling costs for new and old designs.

Tastitalia will exhibit various products from Duraswitch's portfolio of innovative technologies including:

  • The PushGate: A pushbutton technology with crisp tactile feedback that combines the best features of both electro-mechanical and flat panel membrane switches into cost-effective, thin design. Some of the unique constructions using this technology include the High-Impact PushGate, a tamper-resistant panel developed specifically for applications that are subject to abuse or vandalism, and the Large Key PushGate, a construction that enables tactile feedback in a flat-panel switch up to 5,08 by 5,08 cm in size.
  • The MagnaMouse: a multi-directional or cursor control that allows for cursor movement in a flat-panel design. This technology offers durability and environmental sealing improvements over alternative cursor technologies and allows digital or analog design options, rubber or hard keycap overlays and flat-panel polyester.
  • The thiNcoder: a rotary switch that can be integrated on flex circuit. The thiNcoder can function as an encoder or a selector switch, offers customizable detent and stop options, requires no soldering or through-holes, and no secondary assembly processes.
  • The thiNcoder 5Bit EZI 2.0: Specifically designed for the white goods market, this thin, rotary switch can function as a five-bit encoder, a two-bit repeating gray code, or a selector switch. Absolute five-bit, 32-position encoding provides a distinct electrical output at each detent position, using only six connections. Further advantages of this cutting-edge engineering solution are: no soldering or through-holes required, and no secondary assembly processes, in addition to customizable detent and stops.

INTERTRONIC is billed as a solutions showcase and source of information about electronic technologies that are driving forward concrete industrial and economic developments. The show attracted representation from over 600 international brands from 17 countries in 2002. For more information, visit www.intertronic.com.



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