Agile Systems' Latest Series of Distributed Motion Products Meant 80 Percent Increase in Sales

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Waterloo, Canada -- With the introduction of the Max 3000 series, a range of compact distributed motion controllers and multiple axis amplifiers leading the way, Agile Systems Inc. was able to post an 80 percent increase in 2002 product shipments over the previous 12 months.

This is a remarkable achievement during a difficult economic period and testament to the high degree of acceptance by Agile's customers as they take advantage of the compact size, high performance and feature set to move new products to market faster while reducing material, installation and cabling costs out of their products.Agile has been an innovator in combining servo amplifiers, motion control and network technology for the robotics and semiconductor industries for the past six years. The year 2002 saw a big surge in distributed systems as the technology has evolved from customized solutions to standard products. By adding features such as Firewire, multiple voltage and current rating modules and PVT (setpoint commands) to the product mix, Agile Systems has provided robotics and automation equipment manufacturers with proven, standard solutions that often had to be designed and developed from the ground up. The year 2003 looks equally as promising as a continuing stream of new product introductions are planned in the coming months, including additional network options and increases in the numbers and types of motors supported.

Agile Systems Inc. is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturer of advanced motion control technology including motor control and power conversion. For more information, visit



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