Interactive Odd-form Component Catalog Debuts

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The Interactive Odd-form Component Catalog, developed by Universal Instrument Corp.`s Odd Form/Final Assembly (OFA) Div., enables users to determine odd-form application feeder and placement head tooling by searching component category, part number or photo.

"We recognized the need for a customer-driven database that would be easy to use for customers, as well as by our own applications engineers, sales force and field personnel," said Universal`s John Kukowski, vice president of the OFA Div. "With this database, the information is organized by what our customers know best: the components they need to place in their products."

Navigating through the database by using the point-and-click technique, the user can easily get to a specific catalog "page" for each component. There, the user finds virtually everything anyone would need to know about the component, including a photo of the component itself; methods of packaging available; and types of feeder, placement head tooling and assembly machines available to automate the placement of the component.

"A number of customers said they can really use this in planning their own products," said Kukowski. "Product engineers can use our catalog to reduce lead time in manufacturing because they will know in advance the application tooling available to automate their processes. Design engineers can choose to incorporate one component instead of another because our catalog shows that an automated solution already exists. In many cases, the information in our catalog should enable customers to reduce time-to-market for their own product offerings."

The catalog is available on CD-ROM or through the Internet on Universal`s Web site, The first edition of the CD covers 78 individual components for which applications have been developed by Universal`s OFA team. The CD will be updated quarterly to reflect additional odd-form components.



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