New Player in CM Market

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NORMAN, Okla. - Hitachi Computer Products (America) Inc. announced it has established a contract manufacturing group to fabricate electronic components for small- to mid-range businesses. The Hitachi OMD CM group will operate in the company`s state-of-the-art production facility in Norman, Okla.

"Small businesses are incubators for new product development," said Ed Prokop, Hitachi`s manager, marketing and sales. "However, they often have to invest in their own production facilities or contract with manufacturers [that] may not have the expertise to meet their specifications and deadlines. We see this as a major opportunity to serve these businesses."

According to Prokop, a major difference between Hitachi and most large CMs is that Hitachi does not require clients to contract for big production runs. "We`re geared for manufacture of single prototypes as well as full production," he said. "Our dedicated prototype production line enables us to manufacture prototypes under conditions that duplicate high-volume production conditions. We can stop the line, make design improvements and restart without any problem. Our turnaround time for producing prototypes is only two to five days from the time we receive our client`s specifications."

George Wilson, Hitachi director of production operations, added, "In one sense, we`ve always been in the contract manufacturing business. Since we opened the Norman plant in 1986, we`ve produced products for other Hitachi subsidiaries. We`re expanding that experience and expertise to a new set of customers."

Hitachi has manufactured components for networking systems, computer peripherals, industrial controls, medical systems and consumer products.



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