National Thermal Engineering Day Recognizes Heat Management in Electronic Devices

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Today’s electronic devices are more complex, smarter, smaller, faster running – and hotter – than ever.

If they get too hot, electronic devices will malfunction or stop working entirely. Excess heat problems occur in many places, from chips on a circuit board to room-sized stations that provide millions with access to the Internet and smart phone connections.   

Taking on these heat challenges are Thermal Engineers, who practice the intricate science of heat flow to provide cooling relief.

Thermal Engineers must account for every component in a device, how they all work together and where the device will be used. They use specialized equipment in dedicated thermal labs. They have training in electrical, mechanical and software engineering. Yet, Thermal Engineers have seen little recognition when credit is handed out for successful electronic devices.

This year, they are at the center of appreciation when National Thermal Engineering Day is celebrated on Friday, July 24, 2015.

Typically one of the hottest days in the northern hemisphere, July 24 is a time to recognize Thermal Engineers and their cooling technics for keeping devices working properly, all over the world, and in the spaces above it.

To salute Thermal Engineers, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., ATS, has a webpage where they can submit videos of their latest or most challenging thermal design project. They can also order a special Thermal Engineer pin to indicate their special role in today’s electronics industry.

“There is nobody smarter or more important in electronics than thermal engineers,” says Dr. Kaveh Azar, President of Advanced Thermal Solutions. “I’m exaggerating of course, but there are times when the success of a complex electronic device hinges on getting a component to stay at its proper running temperature. That’s when sound thermal engineering – and those who understand it – are essential. We’re delighted that Thermal Engineering Day on July 24 gives credit where due. We respect these people completely and look forward to interacting with them, online or in person.”

For Thermal Engineers in the greater Boston, MA area, ATS invites them to a free July 24 cookout at their R&D center in Norwood, MA, adjacent to the Norwood airport.

Details on the ATS salute to Thermal Engineers are on the ATS website or calling (1) 781-769-2800.



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