Para Tech Coating Opens New Midwest Parylene Service Center

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Para Tech Coating, Inc. has opened a new coating center in Neenah, Wisconsin, expanding the company’s regional capabilities beyond its California and Connecticut operations.  Para Tech has been a leading provider of vacuum deposited Parylene technology for electronics, avionics/aerospace, automotive, industrial and medical applications for nearly 50 years.

Ronald Jagla, manager of this new Para Tech facility, explains that the Wisconsin plant provides the same high levels of conformal coating technology, production management and responsive customer service for which the company is known, and operates to the same ISO and AS9100 quality management standards.

“This investment reflects a growing need for the unique properties of vacuum deposited Parylene film, as well as Para Tech’s proven abilities to optimize quality, reduce operating costs and shorten critical lead times across a variety of industries”, Jagla said.  “Close proximity to Midwest customers will allow us to deliver these high value coating services responsively and efficiently.”

Parylene is a very thin, transparent and conformal film with high dielectric properties, and excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals and gases.  It provides effective encapsulation with minimal added mass, and without the cure forces associated with dimensional liquid coatings. Parylene requires no solvents or catalysts, and presents no safety or environmental threats.


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