Plexus Now Certified to International Railway Industry Standard

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Plexus Corp. has achieved its first certification to the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) at their Penang-Riverside manufacturing facility located in Malaysia.

The IRIS certification is modeled after other stringent quality standards used in the automotive and aerospace industries. IRIS complements the internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality standard but places emphasis on life cycle management and safety procedures. Only 1,200 companies around the world are certified to IRIS.

Steve Frisch, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, commented, "We are proud of this accomplishment as it demonstrates to our customers that our Quality Management System conforms to the highest quality and regulatory standard in the railway industry. Plexus has a solid reputation for delivering world-class Product Realization solutions to our customers and achieving IRIS certification further enhances our brand in this space."

Scott Weber, Vice President of Quality, added, "This achievement represents our continued focus on maintaining an industry leading Quality Management System across Plexus.  Supporting the railway industry by adding the IRIS certification ensures that the railway products we manufacture withstand even the harshest environments."


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