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Tanya Martin, director of operations at SMTA, responded to our I-Connect007 questionnaire recently, which focused on the association’s mission, membership statistics, and how SMTA best serves its members.

Q: What is SMTA’s basic mission?

A: Our mission is to build skills, share practical experience and develop solutions in electronic assembly technologies, including microsystems, emerging technologies, and related business operations.

Q: How do you best serve your membership?

A: By delivering the strongest technical research at the local and national levels to assist them in improving processes and product development. In addition, the SMTA enthusiastically connects our members to local, national and international networks of people who are ready to offer assistance and fellowship.

Q: How much does membership cost? Please explain how membership is worth the cost.

A: Membership categories range from $5 to $75 for an individual and from $450 to $1450 for a business or corporation. Membership includes access to thousands of downloadable technical articles from our Journal of SMT and conference proceedings; the value is quickly recovered by providing the answers that can save members thousands of dollars in research and poor process control. It also allows access to a network of professionals that an individual may never acquire in a lifetime.

Q: What resources are most important to SMTA members?

A: Many members enjoy the support of a local chapter and local educational events. Our knowledge base of thousands of technical papers is probably the biggest resource as well as discounted rates on high-quality technical conferences and symposiums. We also offer online training modules and a full SMT process certification program. Intangible benefits that SMTA helps to facilitate are the opportunities to step into various leadership roles through committee assistance or on a chapter leadership team. This type of experience can demonstrate to an employer the motivation and ability to lead and take initiative as well as augment a resume.

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Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the December 2015 issue of SMT Magazine.



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