Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Earns AS9120 Certification

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Ellsworth Adhesives Europe is proud to announce that it has been awarded AS9120 accreditation. AS9120 is an international quality management standard specifically written by the aerospace industry to improve quality and ensure the integrity of supplies to its industry.

Ellsworth Adhesives already supplies to the aerospace industry – both directly and indirectly – and by obtaining AS9120 certification it is keen to build its market share in this sector.

Reflecting on the company’s recent achievement, Managing Director John Henderson commented “We are delighted to be awarded with the AS9120 certification. This represents a huge leap forward for Ellsworth Adhesives Europe as we seek to grow our business and customer base year on year, and brings us into line with our sister company Ellsworth Speciality Chemical Distribution in the USA which is also ISO 9120 accredited.”

Globally recognised, the AS9120 certification further enhances Ellsworth Adhesives reputation as a reputable supplier. Customers within the aerospace industry need not worry about ‘self-approving’ those companies with AS9120, since it is a given that they have met a strict criteria of requirements including conformity, traceability and adhering to applicable regulatory requirements.

Ellsworth Adhesives achievement of the AS9120 certification adds to its existing quality control standard ISO 9001:2008, also awarded by the NQA. The NQA is part of NTS, the leading independent provider of environmental stimulation testing, inspection and certification services. Both certificates can be viewed on the Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Website.

Any queries regarding Quality Assurance at Ellsworth Adhesives Europe, should be directed at the company’s Quality Engineer, Douglas Burns: on +44 (0) 1355 577 216.



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