Optilia Launches New SDK for W30 HD Inspection Systems, Enabling Integration

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Optilia Instruments announces the availability of a new Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables software integration of camera controls for Optilia’s W Series HD cameras. With Optilia’s extensive array of accessories, stands and control options, users are already able to position Full HD, hi-magnification imaging into any physical environment or place they need to;  e.g., with the inline X-Y  rail systems. But the new SDK extends the already flexible possibilities even further.

“The Optilia SDK offers the integrator a complete tool box of functions similar to that of the existing Optilia PC control software,” stated Alistair Gooch, Marketing and Sales Manager. “This SDK was developed in response to customers who wanted to harness Optilia’s imaging and zoom capabilities, and then integrate them into their own software environment. Now those same functions and setup menus can be integrated into application software for inspection and analysis or even into complete systems with motorised camera or stage movement. They needed a solution, and now we have provided it; it’s an exciting new and enabling development for all Optilia users.”

The Optilia SDK is a C++ library compiled in Visual Studio (2010 and 2012). Some of the functions that can be integrated include Zoom, Focus, Exposure, Iris Value, Brightness, Exposure compensation, AE mode, White balance, and more.

Optilia W30 Full HD 1080p Inspection systems feature a 30x optical zoom, swift auto-focus, and extended 500mm working distance. This versatile, scalable and ergonomic HD imaging system produces bright pictures for fast and reliable optical inspection in full 1080p high definition. Its swift auto focus enables clear examination of a very wide range of objects. Optilia offers a choice of control method (joystick control box or via PC program) and fully adjustable camera settings; e.g., they can be used in B&W or at 720P.

Optilia Instruments AB is an OEM provider of obstruction‐free, fatigue‐free High‐definition benchtop inspection for PCB assembly, and real‐time BGA inspection solutions. For further information on Digital Inspection Systems please contact Optilia at email info@optilia.eu  or by telephone on +46 8 353 360.



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