NEO Tech to Manufacture SKYTRAC's Aviation Communications System

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NEO Tech, a global supplier of electronic engineering and manufacturing services, have successfully launched full turnkey system level manufacturing for the SKYTRAC ISAT-200A transceiver and flight data acquisition unit. The partnership, which includes engineering services, printed circuit card assembly and final system integration and test services, is the culmination of a 12-month project by SKYTRAC to transition to outsourced manufacturing and will enable SKYTRAC to launch new innovative products and services to the aviation industry while building manufacturing scale. The ISAT-200A is an industry leading solution that provides aircraft system monitoring, data recording, global flight following, and real-time satellite communications all in a single system.

The Longmont, Colorado location selected to build the SKYTRAC products is a NEO Tech Center of Excellence (COE) for defense and aviation technology solutions. In the last quarter, manufacturing of the final assembly and test have been seamlessly transitioned into the site. The final test includes complete product functional testing by NEO Tech utilizing the Iridium satellite network, which ensures the ISAT-200A systems are equipped to reliably report on global fleet positions, in-flight safety events and engine exceedances. NEO Tech has also implemented a custom tailored pull based fulfillment model for SKYTRAC to flexibly respond to demand changes with a just-in-time production model.

"NEO Tech is proud to be selected as SKYTRAC's manufacturing partner," said David Brakenwagen, NEO Tech Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. "Choosing NEO Tech as their hardware manufacturing partner enables SKYTRAC to focus on innovating new information solutions for the aviation industry."

SKYTRAC CEO Stephen Sorocky commented, "Maintaining our track record for high quality manufacturing is essential to SKYTRAC. NEO Tech's scalable solution will help us meet the needs of our growing customer base while maintaining our AS9100 quality standards. With over 250 units produced to our high standards, NEO Tech has proven to be the right choice for SKYTRAC. The flexibility of NEO Tech allows SKYTRAC to cost-effectively meet the growing demand and delivery schedule for high quality data acquisition hardware."



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