Ryder's Next Step in Automation: Shortening Lead Times, Integrating Processes, & Reducing Waste

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Ryder Industries Ltd, the Swiss-owned EMS provider with manufacturing facilities in China, today announced they have selected Microsoft Dynamics, a top-flight ERP suite from one of the world’s most respected companies, to run its next-generation ERP system.  This ensures 24/7 performance, delivered by a system maintained to world-class standards.

Set to go live in early 2017, an all-functions team has been reviewing Ryder’s process for the past six months to obtain the best results from this new-generation system, building on Ryder’s established strengths.

Customers and suppliers will benefit from the precision materials control, yielding a high rate of on-time deliveries and on-time acceptances. Query rates will be reduced, component ownership protected and traceability improved.

Benefitting from a state-of-the-art high-performance SAN hardware architecture, the new system will support near-instant answers to complex queries, and be able to service customer information needs in seconds.

Flexibility will be enhanced due to the powerful new software and hardware, yielding new levels of responsiveness to customer needs. Additionally, enhanced customer support, which is one of the system’s top objectives, is subject to strict controls on proprietary information.

About Ryder

Ryder is a pure EMS company which provides one-stop EMS service. It has more than 37 years of experience in developing and manufacturing electronic products. It provides full turnkey engineering services in mechanical and electronic design as well as software and firmware programming.  For more information, click here.



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