IPC & SMTA to Host High-Reliability Cleaning & Conformal Coating Conference

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IPC Industry-leading associations IPC and SMTA jointly announce the High-Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference, scheduled to take place October 25-27, 2016 at Hyatt Rosemont, Rosemont, IL. The conference is focused on best practices for designing, cleaning and coating highly dense electronic assemblies to assure reliability in today’s mobile society.

The first day of the conference features Cleaning and Conformal Coating Workshops. The morning Workshop will focus on “DFX – Design for Excellence; Focus on DFR-Design for Reliability of Hardware to be cleaned.” The instructor will be Dale Lee, Senior DFX Engineer, Plexus Corporation.

The afternoon Workshop focuses on “Robust Coating Processes in the Factory: Methods, Critical Parameters, Problems and Remedies.” The instructors will be Doug Pauls, Principal Materials & Process Engineer at Rockwell Collins and Jason Keeping, P.Eng, Corporate Engineering Project Manager, Ruggedized Electronics Sector at Celestica Inc.

The second and third days will feature the Technical Conference. Sessions will be dedicated to the following topics:

  1. Processes for Achieving Reliability  and Ruggedization
  2. Cleaning Materials, Machines, Rinsing and Process Control
  3. Conformal Coating for Class 2 and 3 Electronic Assemblies
  4. Customer Cleaning Challenges and Needs
  5. Ultra-Thin Nanocoatings in Electronics Assembly Operations Come learn about these valuable lessons and more at the IPC/SMTA Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference.

Come learn about these valuable lessons and more at the IPC/SMTA Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference.

Click here for theetailed agenda outline.



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